ADLINK Champions Embedded Computing Market with the 662-pin OSM Form Factor by SGET

ADLINK Technology, a global leader in edge computing, is introducing the Open Standard Module™ (OSM) by SGET, a compact and powerful form factor designed to revolutionize embedded computing. The OSM modules are a significant stride in the development of compact, open-standard, and solderable BGA mini modules, accommodating both Arm and x86 designs. The OSM form factor is a new achievement by ADLINK, who has been a member of the SGET committee in establishing its presence in the industry.

The OSM modules boast a smaller form factor compared to other available computer-on-modules in the market, with the largest OSM module measuring 45mm x 45mm, which is 28% smaller than the Qseven and 51% smaller than SMARC. Despite its compact size, it has 662 pins, compared to SMARC’s 314 pins and Qseven’s 230, allowing for a more significant number of interfaces on a smaller footprint. This miniaturization and increased complexity of requirements are beneficial for a growing number of IoT applications that demand cost efficiency, reduced footprint, and diverse interfaces.

With a power envelope typically under 15W and being a soldered-down solution that can withstand extreme vibration, the OSM is ideal for applications that require resilience in rugged environmental conditions. ADLINK is committed to driving transformative technology to the market with the OSM product line, showcasing exceptional modules like the OSM-IMX93 and OSM-IMX8MP based on NXP’s i.MX 93 and i.MX 8M Plus, respectively.

ADLINK has also announced the provision of OSM development kits, offering OSM modules and reference carriers supporting a wide range of comprehensive interfaces for on-the-spot prototyping and referencing. For more information about ADLINK’s OSM modules, interested parties can visit the OSM-IMX8MP and OSM-IMX93 modules’ official links.

ADLINK Technology Inc. (TAIEX:6166) is committed to leading edge computing, shaping a world powered by artificial intelligence. With top-tier partnerships in the industry and contributions to various standards initiatives, ADLINK empowers more than 1600 customers to achieve mission-critical success worldwide. For over 25 years, ADLINK has been a global leader in edge computing solutions and holds partnerships with renowned names such as NXP, Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek, NVIDIA, AWS, and SAS. With 1800+ ADLINKers and 200+ partners worldwide, ADLINK is dedicated to driving the innovations of today and tomorrow, creating a better future for technology and society at large.

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