App Lab Sleeper Hit ‘Yeeps: Hide and Seek’ Evolves the ‘Gorilla Tag’ Formula

Yeeps: Hide and Seek, a new VR game developed by Trass Games, has recently launched on the main Quest store. However, even before its official release, the game garnered significant attention on App Lab, accumulating over 20,000 reviews in just a few months.

Gorilla Tag, another popular VR game, has been a subject of debate among gamers. While some consider it a mere ‘meme game’ or a viral fluke, others see its potential and value. Gorilla Tag has achieved remarkable success, generating $100 million in revenue, which underscores the vision of those who appreciate its unique qualities.

Trass Games, recognizing the appeal of Gorilla Tag, sought to create a game that emulates its essential features while introducing new elements. Yeeps: Hide and Seek, launched on Quest App Lab, successfully recreates the arm-based locomotion and social aspect of Gorilla Tag, blending it with building elements akin to Fortnite and Minecraft.

Yeeps goes beyond mere imitation, enhancing the social aspect with in-game items and creation tools that allow players to design their own structures, mini-games, and activities. The arm-based locomotion is supplemented with additional free-form movement options such as gliding, grappling, and launchpads.

The success of Yeeps is evident. In just four months on App Lab, it amassed more than 20,000 reviews. With its official release on the main Quest store scheduled for July 18th, the game is expected to grow even more rapidly.

Gorilla Tag followed a similar path. Initially launched on App Lab, the game spread rapidly through word-of-mouth, surpassing Beat Saber as the most reviewed game on Quest before its official release on the main store. Since its launch on the main store in late 2022, Gorilla Tag has gained over 117,000 reviews, making it the most reviewed game on Quest. It has also recently surpassed $100 million in revenue and boasts 1 million daily active players.

While Gorilla Tag has spawned numerous clones, games like Yeeps and others are taking the best parts of the game and transforming them into something new. This trend is leading to the emergence of a new genre of VR games.

Update (July 1st, 2024): A previous version of this article stated that Yeeps had just launched onto the main Quest store. In fact, it will launch on July 18th; this has been corrected.

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