Apple Watch Series 10 may not get a radical redesign after all

The Apple Watch, originally launched in 2015, has been speculated to undergo a significant redesign for its Series 10 model, which was expected to launch in 2024 to commemorate the device’s 10th anniversary. This redesign, referred to as the “Apple Watch X,” was believed to introduce a thinner design and a new magnetic band system. However, recent reports and leaked schematics suggest that the Series 10 models may look very similar to the current Series models, with an increase in size from 41mm and 44mm to 45mm and 49mm, respectively.

Bloomberg, a reliable source for Apple-related news, had previously reported that the Apple Watch X would be the “biggest overhaul yet” of the Apple Watch. However, the latest leaked schematics show a design that is virtually identical to the current Apple Watch models, with only a larger size difference.

It is unclear why the Apple Watch X may not feature the radical new design as initially suggested. It could be that the rumors were incorrect from the start, or Apple may have encountered production problems, or the company’s designers may have decided that the Apple Watch is already good enough the way it is.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that rumors about a redesigned Apple Watch have been proven incorrect. In 2021, there were many leaks about a “flat-edged” Apple Watch Series 7. However, the Series 7 looks similar to previous Apple Watch models, but with a larger size and thinner bezels around the display. Despite the lack of a radical new design, users can still take comfort in the fact that their current watch bands may still fit the new Series 10 models.

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