Apple's iPhone 16 is almost here

The upcoming iPhone 16, scheduled for a September release, is anticipated to come with significant software and hardware upgrades. Notably, Apple Intelligence, the tech giant’s foray into artificial intelligence, is expected to be a central focus of the launch. This new feature is expected to be free initially but may eventually offer subscription-based AI capabilities. However, to access Apple Intelligence, users will need to upgrade to the iPhone 15 Pro or later.

In terms of hardware, there are also anticipated changes to the iPhone 16’s battery. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the energy density of the battery cells will increase, leading to either a longer battery life or a smaller battery size. This change might increase the battery temperature, but Apple might mitigate this with a stainless steel battery case, a first for the company.

The changes to the iPhone 16’s battery will also aid Apple in complying with the European Union’s regulations, which require all smartphones to have replaceable batteries by 2027. Kuo noted that the stainless steel case would allow for a 5-10% increase in battery cell density while meeting safety requirements, accomplishing two goals simultaneously.

Finally, the virtual assistant Siri is also expected to receive an upgrade with iOS 18, thanks to the collaboration with OpenAI and the Apple Intelligence feature. This should make Siri even smarter and more efficient.

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