At least 30 injured after Boeing flight hits turbulence, sending passengers flying

On Monday, a Air Europa Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner flight from Spain to Uruguay encountered turbulence over the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in at least 30 injuries among the 325 passengers on board. The turbulence was so severe that it caused passengers to be thrown out of their seats, with one man reportedly getting stuck in an overhead bin.

Passengers on the flight shared videos of the aftermath, showing ceiling panels torn off, oxygen masks dangling, and at least one destroyed seat. One video showed a man’s feet poking out of an overhead bin, with a group of people trying to pull him down while a crying baby could be heard in the background.

The flight was forced to land in Natal, in north-eastern Brazil, and Air Europa has since stated that the injured passengers are being treated, and a new plane will leave Madrid to pick up any remaining passengers who did not opt to take a bus ride back to Uruguay.

One passenger, Norys, described the incident as feeling like the plane abruptly fell and passengers were thrown into the air. Another passenger, Juan, compared the experience to a horror movie, feeling like they were falling at an incalculable speed and fearing they would die.

Uruguay’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed that the injured passengers are being treated at the Monsenhor Walfredo Gurgel Hospital in Natal, with transportation being arranged for them to return to Montevideo.

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