Backpacking grandparents who sold house to travel world forced to cut trip short

Tina Waddle and her husband Kevin, both aged 58 and 65 respectively, decided to abandon their careers and sell their home in Leeds, West Yorkshire, to embark on a global adventure. They realized that they had more years of their lives behind them than what was left in front. Their travels took them to various destinations, including Argentina, Chile, Iceland, Morocco, and several European countries.

However, their journey came to a halt when Kevin was diagnosed with anal cancer in March 2023. Tina, a former NHS worker, recalls that they discovered Kevin’s illness while they were in Morocco in January. After returning to the UK, they found out about Kevin’s cancer diagnosis. Fortunately, they had arranged for house-sitting arrangements with their supportive friends until September.

In 2017, the couple sold their house and most of their possessions to purchase a £25,000 six-metre motorhome. They used their savings to travel Europe, occasionally backpacking in more distant locations like Mexico, Vietnam, and China. Even after selling their motorhome in February 2023, they continued their nomadic lifestyle.

Kevin’s cancer diagnosis has made him reflect on the importance of living life to the fullest. He advises others not to put off their dreams, as tomorrow may never come. With Kevin’s recovery in sight, the couple is eager to hit the road again and continue their travels. They have visited numerous countries, including the USA, Mexico, Egypt, and various European countries.

Tina remains optimistic about the future, expressing her excitement for Kevin’s recovery. She has already identified Armenia and Turkey as their next destinations. Readers can find more travel stories by signing up to the Daily Mirror’s free weekly newsletter.

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