Best Alienware 4th of July deals on gaming laptops and gaming PCs

The Alienware 4th of July sale, hosted by Dell, offers discounts on a range of gaming laptops and prebuilt PCs from the brand. If you have specific specifications in mind, you can explore the deals by clicking the provided button. This summary will focus on the top five picks from the sale.

1. Alienware m16 and m18 Gaming Laptops: Both models share similar construction, with the main difference being the screen size (16 inches for the m16 and 18 inches for the m18). The m18 offers additional features such as a full keyboard with a numpad, mechanical-style keyboard upgrade options, and the ability to upgrade to an RTX 4090 (while the m16 maxes out at a 4070).

2. Alienware x14 and x16 Laptops: These laptops are similar, with the x16 offering a larger size, the ability to upgrade to an RTX 4090, and mechanical keyboard variant options. Both laptops are tenkeyless. For a comparison of the m16 and x16, refer to our review of the Alienware m16.

3. Alienware Aurora R16: This high-powered desktop comes equipped with an RTX 4060, Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD. Even though prebuilt desktops are often met with skepticism in the gaming community, our review of the Alienware Aurora R16 labels it as a “prebuilt worth buying.” The R16 also boasts an attractive design for a desktop PC.

4. The sale includes a variety of other products, and the full list is open for exploration. To start browsing, simply click the provided button to find your ideal machine.

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