Bharat Drive: Roads of progress

In a significant shift in travel preferences, people are increasingly opting for road trips due to improved highway conditions in the country. The Automotive Journalists Association of India (AJAI), in collaboration with Mahindra, initiated the ‘Roads of Progress’ project to highlight this development, utilizing a convoy of Mahindra Scorpio N SUVs.

Journeying along, our team joined the convoy in Srinagar en route to the coveted destination of Leh. We embarked from Delhi during an intense heat wave, flying to Srinagar to join our convoy of Mahindra Scorpio Ns gleaming under the sun. The well-maintained highways provided comfortable travel, making the drive through scenic valleys, along the infamous Zoji la, and past breathtaking Chinar trees a pleasurable experience.

Passing through the bustling Sonamarg, we witnessed diverse Indian travelers touring the region with vehicles from across the country. Climbing the winding roads up to Zoji la, we reached heights of nearly 12,000 feet, where a change in the road’s surface to concrete blocks ensured reliable grip and effective water management.

During our travels, we halted at the Kargil War Memorial, a somber yet eye-opening reminder of the sacrifices made by our soldiers during the Kargil War. Our route continued to the captivating Leh, navigating Fotu la at over 13,000 feet, where immaculate road conditions enabled motorists of all modes to traverse effortlessly.

However, nature’s force put a stop to our journey beyond Leh due to a landslide in Zanskar Valley. Witnessing this unpredictable and formidable spectacle served as a reminder that while human progress strives to explore new territories, nature maintains its indomitable authority. This narrative is based on the article by Rahul Ghosh, published on Jul 1, 2024.

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