‘Dang. At Disneyland they’re $5.25’: Six Flags customer buys a single Diet Coke for $9

Title: Skyrocketing Prices in Theme Park Concessions: A Case Study at Six Flags

Theme park concessions have been known for their exorbitant prices, but a viral TikTok video by Guyset (@theguyset) highlights the extreme nature of these costs. In the video, he shared his shock at finding a chilled Diet Coke priced at $9.35 at Six Flags. This seemingly high price has sparked discussions among other TikTokers and social media users, suggesting that inflation has affected theme park concessions significantly.

Guyset added that even the cashier who sold him the drink was equally taken aback by its price. Similar sentiments have been echoed by people who have felt overcharged at concerts, airports, and even Sesame Place. One TikToker recalled paying $12 for M&M’s at a concert two years ago, while another mentioned spending $15 on a small bag of jerky at an airport.

Some users have shared their negative experiences with food prices at theme parks like Six Flags, Disney, and Kings Dominion. Prices for common items like pizza and drinks can run into double digits, which has led some visitors to question the value of their purchases. To contrast, a user pointed out that the same items purchased from a grocery store would cost significantly less.

However, there is a potential solution for those wanting to stay hydrated without breaking the bank. Some theme parks offer refillable cups or memberships that include refillable drinks, making it a more cost-effective option for regular park visitors.

Theme Park Bites has reported on food policies across various amusement destinations in America, including Six Flags. Generally, food, beverages, coolers, and grills are not allowed to be brought into the theme park, with some exceptions for food allergies or infant food in non-glass jars. However, there have been instances where guests have been allowed to bring coolers for storing food with specific park policies varying.

For those planning to visit theme parks for an entire day, it may be strategically advantageous to eat a hearty breakfast beforehand to minimize expenses. Additionally, dry, shelf-stable goods and water bottles can be brought inside of parks like Disney, providing an alternative to pricier concession options.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Six Flags and Guyset for further comment on the pricing issue at Six Flags.

In conclusion, while theme park concessions have been historically known for their high prices, the current pricing trend at Six Flags and other theme parks has drawn widespread attention and criticism. Some visitors feel overcharged, with a Diet Coke costing more than an engine air filter for a car in one instance. The situation raises questions about the justification for these prices and the financial implications for visitors planning to attend theme parks this summer.

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