Disneyland union hands out Mickey Mouse raised fist buttons to theme park visitors – The Pasadena Star-News

Disneyland’s main union coalition, comprising 13,000 employees across four unions, initiated a public campaign on July 1, 2024, in Anaheim, CA. Union members distributed Mickey Mouse fist-raising buttons and petitions to visitors at the theme park’s entrance on Harbor Boulevard, encouraging support for their demand for fair wages through contract negotiations with Disney. This action follows unfair labor practice charges filed in early June over more than 500 union members being disciplined for wearing union-affiliated buttons.

Daisy Molina, a candy maker, and other cast members, including Ruth Lopez (Pixar Pier attractions operator), Gabriel Ramos (Jungle Cruise Skipper), Vinny Ramano, Connie Fernandez (Tomorrowland retail worker), Andi Gallagher (Fantasyland attractions worker), and others participated in this action. The Mickey Mouse buttons were symbols of fighting oppression.

Disneyland officials maintain that cast members, or employees, can only wear work-related buttons, ensuring the theme show for visitors. Any items not compliant with the Disney Look guidelines could result in verbal warnings or disciplinary actions for repeated violations. Although the Disney Look guidelines have loosened to embrace diversity and inclusivity, they still dictate specific details like costume, hairstyle, facial hair, nail polish, and jewelry to maintain the park’s aesthetic appeal.

The union coalition began negotiations for a new contract with Disney back in April, and the current contract expired on June 16. The negotiations focus on ride operators, store clerks, custodians, candy makers, and other cast members at Disneyland.

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