Don't let investments take a vacation

Title: Maintaining Investments During Your Summer Vacation

As summer approaches, many people plan to take a much-needed break. However, ensuring your investments continue to thrive while you’re away is crucial. Here are some strategies to keep your financial strategy active:

1. Regular Progress Checks: Maintain a watchful eye over your investments’ performance, but be wary of comparing them to market indices like the S&P 500. A more appropriate benchmark would be ones that align with your personal financial circumstances, such as your retirement goals.

2. Purposeful Investing: Adopt a long-term investment strategy based on your financial objectives. Avoid making impulsive decisions guided by fleeting tips or trends as they may lead to a disjointed portfolio that doesn’t reflect your needs.

3. Strategic Allocation: Tailor your investments to match your various financial goals, so they can work together to help achieve all of them. For instance, retirements savings, college funds, and short-term goals like weddings can be allocated to suitable investment vehicles offering appropriate returns and risk levels.

4. Goals-Based Investing: Prioritize your investment choices based on specific goals to ensure your portfolio stays aligned with your overall financial plan, irrespective of whether you’re enjoying a vacation or not.

Lastly, being diligent and attentive to your investment strategy will reduce the chances of financial stress down the line. While a stress-free vacation may not be guaranteed, a positive financial outlook can most certainly be achieved.

The article was written by Edward Jones for Joe Parlavecchio, CFA, CFP®. For more information, you can visit Edward Jones’s official website (Member SIPC).

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