e& UAE, Khalifa Fund partner to accelerate local startup

The Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development and UAE, a leading telecommunications and digital solutions provider, have formed a strategic partnership to support the growth of the UAE’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. This collaboration aims to encourage innovation, provide exclusive support to startups, and is in line with the Khalifa Fund’s mission to nurture and accelerate the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the UAE.

As part of this partnership, Khalifa Fund’s members will gain exclusive access to tailored telecom and digital solutions from UAE, designed to meet the specific needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs. These solutions are expected to bring a transformative impact on businesses, enabling innovation, growth, and success in today’s competitive business landscape, thereby contributing significantly to the UAE’s economic prosperity.

The partnership also includes the establishment of a dedicated online portal for Khalifa Fund members, through which they can access special offers and tailored solutions from UAE. This portal is a testament to UAE’s commitment to empowering Emirati entrepreneurs and startups, offering them customized solutions to address their unique needs and streamline their establishment and growth within the UAE’s dynamic digital economy.

This collaborative effort aligns with the UAE’s 2031 vision, “We the UAE 2031,” a roadmap for the country’s long-term growth. The partnership further aims to unlock the potential of the UAE’s entrepreneurial landscape, supporting the growing community of Emirati entrepreneurs and startups, and contributing to the realization of the country’s ambitious vision.

In summary, the strategic partnership between Khalifa Fund and UAE represents the UAE’s dedication to fostering a future-ready society through innovation and entrepreneur development. This collaboration is expected to play a significant role in empowering Emirati entrepreneurs and startups, driving a competitive business landscape, and contributing to the UAE’s long-term economic growth.

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