England's Bellingham under investigation for actions during Slovakia win

Jude Bellingham, a 21-year-old soccer player, is currently under investigation by UEFA due to a lewd gesture he made towards the Slovakia bench following his overhead-kick goal that forced England’s game into extra time during a European Championship match. Initially, it was reported that Bellingham would not face any punishment for his actions, but UEFA later released a statement on Monday indicating that they will investigate Bellingham for a potential violation of the basic rules of decent conduct. The investigation is ongoing, and it is uncertain whether any disciplinary action will be taken.

During the match, Bellingham scored a last-minute equaliser, and Harry Kane later netted the winning goal, setting up a quarter-final tie against Switzerland on Saturday. After scoring, Bellingham made a gesture that some perceived as lewd. Under the laws of the game, any obscene gesture or offensive or insulting action should be punishable by a red card. However, Bellingham later claimed on social media that it was an “inside joke gesture” towards his close friends who were at the game. He also expressed respect for the Slovakia team’s performance during the match.

Declan Rice, another England player, was involved in a post-match altercation with Slovakia manager Francesco Calzona. Calzona approached Umat Meler, the referee, at full-time and was subsequently pushed in the chest by Rice. Rice appeared ready to shake Calzona’s hand but reacted when the opposition manager shoved him, and it seemed as though he was going to push him back. Declan Rice is not expected to face any retrospective action for this incident.

In addition to the investigation of Bellingham, UEFA also charged the English FA for a lack of order or discipline by supporters and the lighting of fireworks during the Slovakia win. The quarter-final match against Switzerland is scheduled for this coming Saturday.

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