'Hawk Tuah Girl' Breaks Silence After Disappearing From The Internet

Hailey Welch, popularly known as ‘Hawk Tuah Girl’, recently re-emerged after a brief hiatus from the limelight. She appeared on a podcast, Plan Bri Uncut, to discuss various aspects of her life and the Hawk Tuah brand.

One intriguing topic that Welch addressed was the proliferation of fake social media accounts claiming to be hers. Surprisingly, one of these accounts featured Welch’s merchandise, including images of her signing hats. Welch clarified that this account was not officially hers but was managed by a friend who had been selling the merchandise and sharing the profits with her.

Welch also cleared up rumors regarding her deletion of social media accounts. Contrary to speculation, she revealed that she had deleted her accounts months prior to her internet fame for personal reasons, not as a response to the viral video. She hinted at the possibility of returning to social media in the future to capitalize on potential brand and advertising deals.

There were also rumors about Welch’s employment status, specifically that she had been fired from her preschool teacher job due to the viral video. However, Welch clarified that she had never been a school teacher and instead worked in a spring factory.

Another falsehood Welch debunked was the claim that her father was a preacher. She explained that her father was far from being a preacher.

As for the internet’s efforts to track her down, Welch shared that she had received some bizarre offers, including an offer of $600 to sell a jar containing her saliva. This, she found revolting.

Despite the weird and sometimes unsettling offers and rumors, it seems Welch is taking it all in stride and enjoying her newfound fame as the Hawk Tuah Girl.

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