I Took My New Husband on His First Backpacking Trip

Title: A New chapter in Marriage: Conquering the Outdoors together

In a heartfelt narrative, the author shares a memorable backpacking adventure in South Dakota’s Black Elk Wilderness with her husband, Rob, whose outdoor experience was limited prior to meeting her. The couple embarked on their first backpacking trip, knowing that it was Rob’s debut in the wilderness. To ease him into the experience, they read several informative articles and watched helpful backpacking videos.

Despite slight apprehensions, their married life, which began as an unexpected connection on a dating app two years prior, had fostered a strong bond between them. Sharing similar values and a charming sense of humor, they were now sharing a new adventure together. Rob approached the trip with a positive, upbeat attitude, carrying his own tent and breaking in hiking boots for the first time.

Braving the elements, they dealt with rain, cold weather, and even a brief stint of hail, demonstrating resilience and teamwork every step of the way. In situations where they were unsure, Rob showed exceptional abilities, filtering water, boiling it over their tiny camp stove, and skilfully navigating their back to the correct trail.

One obstacle they faced was getting disoriented during a rainstorm; however, Rob’s determination rescued them from potential misdirections. The journey ended on a high note, with both husband and wife completing the trek feeling more connected and appreciative of one another.

Reflecting back on their first date, the author describes Rob as a gentleman, polished and sophisticated. She presumed he would be a ‘city boy’ who would compromise her outdoor adventures. However, their recent backpacking trip proved otherwise: Rob was more than ready to trek miles through nature, sleep under the stars, and face challenges head-on, leaving the author impressed with both his outdoor skills and gentle approach.

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