I Went Winter Backpacking With a Polar Explorer. It Changed How I Hike.

Title: A Week on the Ice: Learning Winter Survival Skills from Polar Explorer Eric Larsen

The article discusses a week-long winter camping trip in March on Minnesota’s Lake of the Woods, led by polar explorer Eric Larsen. The trip, designed to simulate polar conditions, aims to help participants overcome their fear of winter camping. Despite moderate temperatures compared to Larsen’s usual standards, the participants encounter a range of conditions, including whiteouts and strong winds.

The focus of the trip is self-sufficiency, a key aspect of both winter camping and polar travel. The article provides a list of gear essentials for polar expedition training, including expedition Nordic skis, insulated winter boots, multiple layers of baselayer shirts and pants, and a range of jackets and hats. The emphasis is on staying warm, with Larsen advising against the popular “be bold, start cold” approach, and instead advocating for proactive temperature management.

The article also offers practical advice on layering, with focus on the head, hands, and feet. For example, a nose beak can be sewn from recycled fleece and nylon to protect the face from wind and cold. The article also suggests wrapping thermoses and ski poles with hockey grip tape to reduce the risk of frostbite.

The article also discusses strategic systems for survival in extreme environments, urging participants to prepare their gear and systems in advance to minimize problems in the field. The article also provides tips for pulling a sled, mealtime, navigation, bedtime, and a typical day on the ice.

Overall, the article is a valuable resource for anyone interested in winter survival skills, whether for recreational winter camping or more extreme polar travel. The practical tips and advice, combined with real-world experience from a renowned polar explorer, make this article a useful tool for anyone looking to improve their winter travel skills.

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