In-store Vision Pro demos will see two big changes this month

Apple is set to update the in-store demonstration of their Vision Pro device this month, with two significant changes aimed at increasing the device’s appeal and the shoppers’ emotional connection.

As per Mark Gurman’s recent newsletter, customers visiting stores will now be able to see their personal photos, videos, and panoramas on the Vision Pro headset instead of the stock images that are currently being used. This new feature enables potential buyers to experience their own memories in a mixed reality setting, which is hoped to help sway some shoppers when considering the purchase.

In addition, Apple is introducing a feature known as ‘Go Deeper.’ This change allows customers to have an extended demo session, choosing the type of usage that interests them the most. For example, customers may try using the Vision Pro with productivity apps if they plan on utilizing it for office work, or dive into entertainment usage by watching parts of a movie.

Apple has also addressed comfort concerns by adjusting all demonstrations to make use of the Dual Loop version with a head strap, in place of the Solo Loop that has been previously used. It was reported that this policy went into effect as of Friday, already replacing the Solo Loop in several demo images captured during the early phases of the international rollout. Overall, these changes are expected to provide shoppers with a more personalized experience while trying out the Vision Pro in stores.

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