Meta is Pulling the Plug on Quest 1 Security Patches Next Month

Meta, the company behind the virtual reality (VR) headset Quest, has announced that it will stop providing security updates and bug fixes for the Quest 1 model from August 31, 2024. This marks the end of support for the five-year-old headset, which means that any security vulnerabilities discovered after this date could potentially compromise private data stored on the device or accessible from it.

Earlier indications of this change came in early 2023 when Meta stopped supporting first-party social apps like Parties and Meta Horizon Home on Quest 1. In March 2024, the company also stopped allowing developers to target Quest 1 for new apps, effectively halting the development of new games or experiences for this model.

It is unclear whether the Quest 2 model will meet a similar fate so quickly. Although Meta has not released official sales figures, the Quest 2 is widely considered the best-selling VR headset to date and still holds the top spot as the most popular VR headset on Steam.

Meanwhile, Meta seems to be making room for a new headset to replace the Quest 2 in its lineup, as the Quest 1 is now out of stock in nearly all regions when purchased directly from Meta. The full email from Meta to Quest 1 owners can be seen below:

“Hi [User],
We’d like to let you know that starting August 31, 2024, we will no longer provide bug fixes or security updates for Meta Quest 1 headsets. You will still be able to download new apps and continue using your existing apps as long as they are supported by the developer. However, if any security vulnerabilities are discovered in the future, private data that is directly stored on the device or accessible from it would be at risk of compromise.
This update follows our announcement in January 2023, when we stopped releasing new features and new Meta Quest apps for Quest 1 on the Quest Store.
We’re excited about the future of Meta Quest and look forward to providing you with more groundbreaking MR experiences.
In the meantime, Meta Store Support is available to assist you with general inquiries.
The Meta Store Support Team”

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