Play For Dream MR Is An Android Spatial Computing Headset In Vision Pro Mold

The Shanghai-based technology company, Play For Dream, is introducing a premium mixed-reality (MR) spatial computing headset called MR, placing it in the higher-end category of AR eyeglasses, similar to Apple’s Vision Pro and Meta’s Quest Pro. This headset uses forward-facing cameras to capture the wearer’s environment and project a video version of it, enabling mixed reality where graphics and visuals appear as if they are part of the real world.

The Play For Dream MR headset features 11 cameras, 22 LED lights, and seven types of sensors, all powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 silicon. It runs on a proprietary launcher built by Play For Dream based on Android 14. In terms of design, the headset is somewhat similar to the Vision Pro, although it is slightly darker in color.

During the Singapore launch, a hands-on trial of the MR headset revealed a more comfortable experience compared to the Vision Pro, with better weight distribution. The MicroOLED screen produces 4K resolution per eye for a total of 8K output, creating a life-like spatial video experience. The headset allows for control using a combination of hand and eye tracking, though the prototype tested required the use of two remote joystick controllers.

The headset is also capable of mirroring a Windows laptop screen on a large, floating projection in front of the user. The final consumer version will be able to open five windows simultaneously, making it potentially more suitable for productivity work compared to the Vision Pro. Moreover, the ability to run Android apps is an exciting prospect.

Despite the design resemblance to the Vision Pro, the MR headset boasts impressive technology and performance. It will be available for sale in October, starting in China, Singapore, and Malaysia, with a retail price under $2,000. However, there are concerns about the western perception of Chinese tech brands copying Apple’s designs, which could affect the product’s reception.

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