Quantum Telecommunications to expand internet to 1200 homes in Carroll County

Carroll County is making strides in expanding internet access to underserved and unserved areas, with a recent decision by the Board of Carroll County Commissioners to allocate $6,878,653 to Quantum Telecommunications, Inc., for this purpose. This investment is part of Maryland’s Network Infrastructure Grant Program, designed to support large-scale broadband projects in areas lacking adequate service.

Quantum Telecommunications will be responsible for providing broadband internet to approximately 1,206 homes in Taneytown, New Windsor, and Union Bridge. The project is expected to be completed next summer. The county’s Technology Services department anticipates that this initiative, combined with other grant funding, will reduce the number of households without internet access in the county to 2,000.

It’s important to note that Carroll County itself is not an internet service provider. Instead, the county partners with private ISPs to utilize the county’s fiber network to expand their networks. However, providing internet access to homes with long, private driveways may become more challenging in the future.

In response to this potential challenge, Carroll County has established the Difficult to Serve – Long Driveway Grant Program. This program offers qualifying Carroll County residents funding for broadband installation, up to $14,000, if they have long, private driveways and have been unable to receive internet installation. The program is funded by the state’s fiscal 2024 Home Stretch – Difficult to Serve Properties Grant, which aims to overcome barriers to obtaining internet service where the cost to extend it has been a primary obstacle.

Commissioner Ed Rothstein emphasized the importance of keeping communities informed about ongoing and planned internet access projects. He stated that regular updates are crucial to manage residents’ expectations, as timely and appropriate messaging is essential in ensuring a functioning internet connection when needed.

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