Samsung Galaxy Watch FE vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: Which should you buy?

Samsung has introduced a budget-friendly option to its smartwatch lineup called the Galaxy Watch FE. This device is priced at $199, $100 less than the Galaxy Watch 6, making it an appealing choice for those on a budget. Despite being introduced later, the Galaxy Watch FE is more similar to the Galaxy Watch 4.

Both smartwatches share similarities in terms of features. They run on Wear OS, have AMOLED displays, and are protected by sapphire glass. They also offer the same health and fitness tracking tools, including ECG sensors, BIA sensors, GPS, and over 100 sport modes. However, the Galaxy Watch FE lacks the temperature sensor found in the Galaxy Watch 6, which can be useful for women’s health tracking.

One significant difference is the processor. The Galaxy Watch 6 features a more powerful processor, which may impact the user experience over time. The battery life of the Galaxy Watch FE is also smaller, but its longevity remains to be tested. The FE is only available in a single 40mm case size, unlike the Galaxy Watch 6, which comes in two sizes.

In terms of price and availability, the Galaxy Watch FE starts at $199.99, with the LTE edition costing an additional $50. The device is available in Black, Pink Gold, and Silver. The Galaxy Watch 6, on the other hand, starts at $299.99, also with the option for an LTE edition for an additional $50.

When considering whether to buy the Galaxy Watch FE or the Galaxy Watch 6, potential buyers should consider the lack of a temperature sensor, older processor, and potentially shorter battery life in the FE. However, for those looking for an affordable entry point into Samsung’s smartwatch family, the Galaxy Watch FE offers many of the top tools of its pricier sibling without compromising on style or build.

The arrival of the Galaxy Watch 7 may impact the price of the Galaxy Watch 6, which could make it a more attractive option due to its superior processor. It is essential to consider these factors when deciding which smartwatch to purchase.

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