Sarwat Gilani opens up about her struggle with postpartum depression

Actress Sarwat Gilani revealed on ARY Digital’s Good Morning Pakistan that she suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth to her daughter Ella. Her condition became particularly severe due to complications following childbirth, which made it challenging to care for her newborn initially. Gilani admitted feeling overwhelming despair, even considering dropping the baby in those moments. However, upon sharing her feelings with her husband, a plastic surgeon, she was told it was postpartum blues and emphasized that such feelings are temporary and do not define the individual’s identity.

Postpartum depression, classified as a complication of childbirth by the Mayo Clinic, affects new mothers with symptoms including severe mood swings, suicidal thoughts, and difficulty bonding with the baby. This mental state may lead to a “gloom or doom” mentality. Sarwat emphasized the importance of awareness surrounding the disorder, suggesting expectant mothers research it before giving birth.

Pakistan has one of the highest rates of postpartum depression in Asia, ranging between 28-63 percent. In spite of its prevalence, this topic is often considered taboo and not a legitimate concern in Pakistani society. By opening up about her own experience, Gilani is helping normalize the disorder, bringing attention to the importance of adequate maternal care.

Celebrity discussions on postpartum depression contribute to breaking down these societal stigmas, providing opportunities for broader conversations about supporting those who experience the condition. It helps ensure that women receive proper medical attention and mental health support during the delicate phase of motherhood.

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