SeaWorld Orlando: Penguin Trek coaster has smooth moves

Theme Park fans anticipate a unique and smooth coaster experience with SeaWorld Orlando’s new Penguin Trek roller coaster, set to open on July 7. The ride features a penguin-inspired layout including two launch sequences, twists, turns, hills, and a disorienting path around other coasters in the park, mirroring the slalom movement of a snowmobile. Atmospherically, the attraction gives off an Antarctic feeling complete with indoor dark-ride sequences, snow-capped ice cliffs, and penguin visuals (excluding a strobe sequence).

The new addition does not go upside-down, have bone-rattling moves, or fling riders side-to-side. The max height is 65 feet, the highest elevation being reached right outside, and its top speed is a reasonably tame 43mph. With a minimal requirement of 42 inches, this category places Penguin Trek comfortably within the “family thrill” experience.

Rob McNicholas, corporate vice president of operations, commends manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) for the rollercoaster’s smooth ride design—SeaWorld Orlando operates a total of five B&M rides. The ride takes up space recently vacated by the Empire of the Penguin dark ride, and due to its central location, it generates immense park energy and excitement.

Five-time coaster Launcher McNicholas highlights that the lower speed enables ease for a broader spectrum of individuals, especially grandparents, in hoping for word-of-mouth enthusiastic reviews. The adventure follows an expedition theme throughout as riders explore simulated Antarctic landscapes including thematic elements like wind, ice fallings, and penguins—culminating in launch initiation.

Penguin Trek offers a repeatable enjoyable but non-scary ride—just like the show based on the real-life inhabitants populating the cooled adjacent territory. Visitors can view those charismatic birds without being ride participants. This is SeaWorld Orlando’s third consecutive coaster offering in the past three years: it has already opened Ice Breaker and Pipeline. McNicholas hints a mystery for the future regarding possibly new coaster developments within their park.

Lastly, on a separate note, planning of a new Blue Man Group theater show is underway for Orlando’s Icon Park—exciting news for fans of music performances.

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