Six Flags guests rage over extortionate cost of Diet Coke at theme park: 'Worse than Disney World'

Josh Felgoise, a podcast host and social media user, shared his dissatisfaction after purchasing a bottle of Diet Coke at Six Flags for $9.38 on TikTok on June 22, three days after initially showing the receipt for the expensive beverage. The Guyset host and TikTok viewers seemed taken aback by the steep price for a soda in an amusement park.

In his original post, Felgoise revealed that he was unsure where he purchased the Diet Coke in one of over 30 Six Flags parks scattered across the United States, which was the first to open back in Texas in 1961. Six Flags has gained visitors and gained popularity over the years, but unfortunately, the corporation announced less than two months ago that the theme parks were experiencing a drop in revenue.

Several other TikTok users commented on the excessive prices in amusement parks compared to prices in previous years, with a Diet Coke supposedly only costing $5 at Six Flags in 2023, and $3 or less even a decade ago. They criticized the high prices of drinks and food inside the parks, comparing it unfavorably to Disney World, where a similar trend has been occurring.

In late 2021, Reddit users were outraged over the increase in Disney World’s food and drink prices, claiming that the increases were disproportionate compared to inflation and the cost of operating a theme park. According to some sources, prices at Disney’s food venues have seen an over 60 percent rise in the past decade, with examples like corn dog nuggets rising from $4.99 to $10.79 at Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom. Other amusement parks, such as Kings Dominion, have also been scrutinized for their high food and drink prices, with users sharing their experiences and concerns over the costs.

Meanwhile, some TikTokers recommend buying refillable cups to help ease the financial burden on theme park goers, or purchasing beverages before entering the park, as suggested by some of these users to avoid the high expenses. As the conversation continues, people on both social media platforms TikTok and Reddit are taking note and sharing their thoughts and ideas about reducing the costs of park visits without sacrificing the thrill and joy of the experience. It remains to be seen whether Six Flags and Disney World will implement any changes in response to the growing debate surrounding pricing in their amusement parks.

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