The Famous Chef That Appears In The Bear (But You Never See Them Cook)

It’s important to note that this content may contain spoilers for “The Bear” Season 3 from FX. The show, commonly recognized for its authentic portrayal of restaurant life, delves into significant aspects, such as the importance of adhering to modifications in the fine dining scene. With the anticipated debut of Season 3, it’s now an excellent time to revisit or start the series.

Albeit featuring several talented actors portraying chefs, one cast member significantly deviates from the norm- Matty Matheson, a renowned Chef in real life. Despite initially being brought on board as a production consultant for restaurant realism and executive chef at Toronto’s Parts and Labour, Mattheson opted against donning a chef’s hat on set. His character, Neil Fak – often simply referred to as Fak, serves as the odd job man and the restaurant’s moral guide throughout the series.

Matheson’s lack of acting experience presents no issue, as Fak becomes one of the show’s unforgettable characters. He often plays a pivotal role- such as figuring out the restaurants fire suppression system in Season 2 Episode 8, which enables them to timely reopen. Beyond assisting with maintenance tasks, Fak makes his way to the front-of-the-house management by series end. Despite being primarily comedy relief, Fak also portrays Carmy’s main emotional support and closest friend.

Although Matheson doesn’t cook on the set, his influence is undeniable with his significant role in maintaining the programs accuracy and depiction of restaurant world. For all those who’ve invested in the industry and marveled over the show’s realism, Matthy Matheson, commonly seen holding a screwdriver among the scenes, is the personality to appreciate for his notable contributions.

For further perspectives, the original article discusses this intriguing subject from The Daily Meal.

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