This iPhone just officially became vintage according to Apple

Apple has added several of its devices to its list of “vintage” products, including the iPhone X, the first-generation HomePod smart speaker, and the first-generation AirPods. This list, which is updated by Apple, categorizes products as vintage when they have not been sold for more than five years but less than seven. While these devices can still be repaired at Apple Stores and authorized service providers, support for them will end in two years, provided that parts are still available. After seven years, the classification changes from vintage to obsolete, at which point Apple will no longer offer repairs or services.

The iPhone X, announced in September 2017 and released for purchase in November of the same year, marked the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. It introduced several changes to the iPhone design that have persisted in subsequent versions, such as smaller screen bezels, the elimination of the Home button, and the introduction of FaceID instead of Touch ID. Powered by the A11 chipset, the iPhone X also introduced Animojis, a feature that encouraged many users to upgrade.

In the same year, Apple announced the HomePod smart speaker, although it wasn’t released until February 2018. Designed to integrate with Apple Music and AirPlay, the HomePod offered impressive sound quality. However, it lagged behind competitors like Google and Amazon, as Siri struggled with smart home tasks and could only control Apple Music, not other services. The release of the HomePod 2 and HomePod Mini addressed some of these issues, potentially extending the lifespan of the original HomePod.

The first-generation AirPods were released in December 2016 and are considered the first true wireless earbuds. They also marked the end of the headphone jack on iPhones, with the iPhone 7 removing the port in favor of the AirPods. Despite being replaced by later models, the AirPods have had a significant influence on the market, with rivals like Samsung adopting similar designs.

As these devices become vintage or obsolete, they may become collector’s items or interesting relics, though it’s recommended that they be recycled instead of stored indefinitely.

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