14 Year Old Shares Shocking Fitness Journey On Steroids

Cody Kopa, a 14-year-old fitness enthusiast, is making headlines for his open documentation of using steroids on his Instagram account. At the age of 14, Kopa started sharing his journey with steroid use, specifically Trenbolone, which he began using after a year and a half of natural training. Kopa’s posts and videos suggest that he is promoting the use of steroids and sharing updates following his workouts.

However, not all bodybuilders share Kopa’s sentiment towards Tren. Some professional competitors, such as Chris Bumstead and Larry Wheels, have had negative experiences with Tren and have chosen to avoid it due to the potential side effects. On the other hand, Nathan De Asha claims that he has used Tren year-round.

Victor Martinez, another bodybuilder, shared his thoughts on Tren and steroid use in general during an episode of the Generation Iron Podcast. Martinez discussed the emotional impact of steroids on users, stating that they can intensify moods that users naturally feel. Martinez also addressed the topic of minors using steroids, emphasizing that minors should avoid pre-workout supplements, as they can have negative effects on young lifters.

New York has recently barred the sale of over-the-counter muscle building supplements to minors aged 18 and younger. Martinez believes that the frequent use of pre-workout supplements can have a negative impact on young lifters, as they should not rely on such substances to improve their energy during training.

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