A Physicist Claims Gravity Can Exist Without Mass

In recent research, a physicist has proposed a new concept called “shell singularity,” where gravity can function without the presence of mass. This idea challenges the conventional understanding of dark matter, as it suggests that certain clusters of galaxies might not require dark matter for their physics to work.

Today, various theories about dark matter propose different sizes and types for various situations. The scientific community is actively investigating ways to either identify or eliminate dark matter, with the goal of understanding the interaction between our visible and invisible worlds.

In a recent paper published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, physicist Richard Lieu from the University of Alabama proposes a scenario where a gravitational field does not contain underlying mass. This concept is an edge case of a “shell singularity” around a space anomaly. According to Lieu’s calculations, even when the shell reaches zero mass, the gravitational field surrounding it remains intact.

If his theory is correct, it could mean that dark matter, as we understand it, may not exist at all. This raises intriguing questions about whether dark matter has been a hypothetical construct in experimental physics.

However, it is important to note that this is just one paper within a broader landscape of dark matter theories. The conclusion, therefore, is tentative, and the answer is more a question of “what if?”

Lieu’s theory relies on another, less common phenomenon known as a topological defect. This defect, such as a thin sheet of negative mass around a wormhole, is less verifiable but reasonably corroborated. Lieu suggests that this topological defect could be applicable to specific configurations of galaxies, creating shell singularities.

While this idea does not necessarily disprove the existence of dark matter or invalidate most current applications that rely on the concept, it could offer an alternative explanation for specific galaxy clusters. Moreover, if this edge case is valid, it may indicate that there are other similar scenarios yet to be discovered.

Furthermore, Lieu discussed other theories of dark matter within large structures like galaxies, as these behave differently in such a large scale than at the micro level. It is possible that the concept of “dark matter” encompasses various versions filling different gaps in our understanding.

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