Apple turns to Samsung for new iPhone 16 camera sensors

The tech giant Apple is reportedly considering a shift in its sources for iPhone camera image sensors. In the past, Apple has exclusively obtained these sensors from Sony, but this could change for the iPhone 16 range. According to The Elec, Apple has begun final quality testing on models from Samsung due to certain issues with Sony’s supply for the iPhone 15 range.

Apparently, there were significant delays in Sony’s delivery of image sensors for the iPhone 15, which led to complications in Apple’s schedule for the launch. Fearing potential image sensor shortages for the iPhone 16 range, Apple has reportedly approached Samsung to develop a new type of CIS (CMOS image sensor).

The new CIS system from Samsung will be a significant improvement over the current system, as it will utilize three separate wafers instead of two. This change aims to reduce noise in images and enable smaller pixels. The use of Samsung’s CIS will reportedly address Apple’s concern over meeting the anticipated increased demand for the iPhone 16 series.

If approved, Samsung would replace Sony as the exclusive supplier for image sensors on the iPhone. It is important to note that while The Elec is typically a reliable source for supply chain information, there may be some inaccuracies in predictions about Apple’s plans based on the reported information. Additionally, Sony has previously lost its exclusive status as provider of screens for the Apple Vision Pro due to reportedly refusing to increase production capacity.

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