Apple Watch Series 10 leak claims it's not time for a big overhaul

The Apple Watch Series 10, also known as Apple Watch X, is expected to be the third smartwatch in the lineup since the Apple Watch Series 7, which introduced a larger display. Contrary to previous rumors suggesting a significant redesign, a new report from 9to5Mac suggests that the design overhaul claims may have been exaggerated.

The Apple Watch Series 10 was rumored to have a larger size, growing from 41mm and 45mm to 45mm and 49mm, and a thinner design. However, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who is known for his accuracy in Apple news, reported that the Series 10 would see the biggest overhaul to date.

Despite these rumors, the latest reports suggest that the design changes may not be as radical as initially thought. The focus seems to be on the bands and how they connect to the watch face, with hints that the Watch 10 may be incompatible with bands from previous Apple watches.

Leaked CAD renders of the Apple Watch Series 10 showcased a 2-inch watch face, potentially making it one of the largest smartwatches on the market. However, the design appeared to be similar to the Series 9, just bigger.

Mark Gurman also claimed in a recent column that the Apple Watch Ultra 3 will look much the same as previous iterations, with the third-generation Apple Watch Ultra retaining its original look.

The apparent lack of a radical redesign can be attributed to a combination of factors, including inflation pressuring consumers to hold onto their tech for longer and companies like Apple focusing on new features that extend functionality, rather than major design changes. This shift is reflected in Apple’s upcoming Apple Intelligence feature.

In light of these developments, it appears that the Apple Watch 10 may not be as much of a departure as initially thought. This could mean that existing Apple watch users may not need to invest in new bands.

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