Bald eagle population thriving in Ohio, ODNR says

Ohio is home to a thriving population of bald eagles, with an estimated 841 active eagle nests reported during the annual spring survey in 2024. Although this number is slightly lower than the previous year’s survey (910 nests), the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) considers the state’s bald eagle population to be resilient.

The success rate of eagle nests in Ohio in 2024 was 82%, which is an improvement from 73% in 2023 and 48% in 2022. The average number of eagles per nest this year was 1.6.

One notable eagle family, Stars and Stripes, made their home in Avon Lake and welcomed their offspring at a nest near Redwood Elementary School this spring.

Bald eagles were once an endangered species, with only four nesting pairs in Ohio in 1979. Through extensive conservation efforts, they were removed from the federal list in 2007 and Ohio’s list in 2012.

Lake Erie and other large bodies of water are home to the most bald eagles in the state, as they provide easy access to fish. It is important to note that bald eagles are protected under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, making it illegal to disturb them. Officials recommend giving these birds of prey at least 100 yards of space.

Ohioans can report sightings of bald eagles and other wildlife here.

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