Can you spot the black bear on the Yellowstone landscape?

Douglas Scott, a guide based in Montana, shared a photograph on Twitter of a black bear spotted in Yellowstone National Park as part of his “Find the Animal Friday” series. The image was captured on June 21, above the Lamar River in the park’s northern range, on a clear day. Scott’s followers attempted to locate the bear, but only one person, Matt Inman, correctly identified its location.

The black bear is barely visible in the clearing, slightly left of center in the original image. For those who may find it challenging to spot the bear, Scott provided a second image that shows the bear more clearly when he was closer or zoomed-in. Readers can use landmarks in the second image to match the bear’s location in the original image.

Scott runs The Outdoor Society and specializes in leading day trips to remote areas of Yellowstone National Park that are beyond the boardwalks. These hikes typically last between four and seven hours. As of Sunday night, only one of Scott’s followers had correctly identified the bear’s location.

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