Cognizant Takes AI, GenAI To Edge With Cognizant Neuro Edge

Cognizant, a global IT services provider, has introduced Cognizant Neuro Edge, a new technology aimed at helping businesses leverage AI and generative AI, particularly manufacturers working with edge AI. This new addition to Cognizant’s Neuro suite of technologies is a generic framework designed to accelerate the development of enterprise edge services.

Cognizant Neuro Edge brings AI and GenAI capabilities from chips and devices to applications, abstracting the complexity of model selection, fine-tuning, and RAG or retrieval augmented generation. The key advantage of this technology lies in its ability to provide faster access to data, improved data privacy and security through localized computing, and reduced cloud dependency.

The technology offers high-efficiency, low-bandwidth scenarios with reduced lag and latency due to real-time decision making happening on the edge. It also provides personalization and content contextualization, which is a significant advantage in various industries.

Cognizant Neuro Edge is part of a wider Cognizant Neuro platform for simplifying and accelerating the adoption of automation and AI in the enterprise, specifically for edge applications. It is an AI accelerator for device or platform providers, with a focus on edge devices such as cars, medical devices, surveillance cameras, or manufacturing equipment.

While Cognizant has only listed Qualcomm as a named customer, they are also working with other companies in industries like med tech, manufacturing, and industrial IoT in the telecom space. The collaboration with Qualcomm involves deploying GenAI at the edge through the integration of large language models on the edge within car infotainment and telematics systems.

Cognizant Neuro Edge allows car manufacturers to provide real-time personalized contextual awareness, enabling new features in cars that were not previously possible. It also offers opportunities for OEMs to unlock new revenue streams and provides possibilities with industrial use cases that can be defined by the customer.

Going forward, Cognizant plans to expand the use cases of Cognizant Neuro Edge via new market segments, working with medical device providers, industrial IoT providers, and exploring various hardware platforms, large language models, specific use cases, and unique data sets in these industry segments.

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