Dockside friendship between woman & sunfish reaches nine years

In Minnesota, USA, a unique friendship between a woman named Holly Jorgensen and a sunfish named Greenie has been growing for nine summers. Greenie, a sunfish larger than usual, returns to Holly’s dock every spring, and they spend their days together swimming and jumping out of the water for treats.

Holly is currently writing a book about their adventures, titled “Greenie & the Girl: an Enchanted Fish Memoir for all Generations.” In the past, most Minnesotans’ encounters with sunfish would be at the end of a fishing line, but Holly’s interactions are different.

Greenie seems to recognize Holly and follows her around, often waiting for her at the dock. Holly feeds Greenie worms, and he jumps out of the water for treats. Even before Holly started serving snacks, Greenie would be waiting at the dock when she arrived for her daily swims.

Other sunfish, such as Spot and Slim, can be found in the lake, but only Greenie seems to enjoy the chin rubs Holly regularly administers. Greenie has survived five winters so far, and Holly eagerly awaits his return each spring.

One time, Greenie was found with a hook in his mouth, but Holly carefully removed it and put him back in the water. When Holly swims to the other side of the lake, Greenie has been known to tag along. Holly is enamored with Greenie and has even written a poem about their friendship titled “Diversity.”

For Holly, Greenie provides a sense of release and joy in the most stressful of years. As she looks down from the dock into the lake, she tells Greenie, “You’re the boss.” Holly has also written a book recounting her adventures with Greenie and other musings about life on her lake.

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