Emergency Update: Another Violent 'Takeover' Coming to Florida Theme Park

Theme parks, such as Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, have recently faced a concerning issue: organized “takeovers” encouraged by social media posts. These events call for guests to engage in disruptive and violent behavior, including fights and the bringing of weapons.

Last week, such a “takeover” occurred at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, leading to a large-scale melee involving dozens of people and reports of someone carrying a gun. The Tampa Bay Police Department is currently investigating this incident and is asking anyone who was at the park that day to provide any relevant information.

Despite knowing about the event, Busch Gardens was criticized for not having sufficient staff to manage the situation. The organizers of the “takeover” are now planning two more events during the Fourth of July weekend, as advertised on social media accounts like @tampapg and @tampa_takeoversss.

Social media users have reported these posts to both Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and the Tampa Bay Police Department, providing them with the day and time of the proposed events. Concerningly, some social media users have shared tips on how to sneak weapons into theme parks, further exacerbating the issue.

As the Fourth of July weekend approaches, it is hoped that Busch Gardens and the Tampa Police will be able to control this violence and ensure the safety of all park guests. The question remains, what steps should Busch Gardens take to prevent such “takeovers” in the future?

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