Every Game Coming To Quest 3 But Not Quest 2

It appears that Meta’s upcoming Meta Quest 3 headset will boast exclusive titles not supported on the current Quest 2. Meta’s actions, such as steep price cuts and out-of-stock status for Quest 2 accessories, suggest a potential phasing-out of the Quest 2. Additionally, several developers, including Meta’s first-party studio, have withdrawn support for Quest 2 and Quest Pro in favor of Quest 3, which features a more powerful Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chipset.

As for the exclusive titles coming to Quest 3 but not Quest 2, there are several noteworthy titles. “Alien: Rogue Incursion” is an action-horror game in the Alien franchise from Survios, scheduled to release on multiple platforms including Quest 3 in ‘Holiday 2024.’

“Alo Moves XR” is another mixed reality fitness app developed by Magnopus, offering life-sized, photorealistic virtual instructors for yoga, meditation, and pilates classes within users’ homes.

One of the most highly anticipated exclusives is “Batman: Arkham Shadow,” developed by Camouflaj and published by Oculus Studios, offering a new entry in the Arkham series, exclusively on Quest 3.

“Hello, Dot” is a mixed reality pet-simulation game developed by Niantic, allowing players to interact with their pet in real-life environments. Another exclusive is “Hitman 3 VR: Reloaded,” an overhauled version of Hitman 3 rebuilt “from the ground up” for cel-shaded visuals, improved interactivity, and a revised UI.

“Laser Dance” is a room-scale mixed reality game developed by Cubism developer Thomas Van Bouwel, exclusively for Quest 3 and future headsets. “Mecha Party” is a robot battle league-themed PvP combat game in which players compete to become the league’s strongest mecha pilot, coming to Quest 3 in summer 2024.

Finally, “Starship Home,” developed by Creature, is a plant-filled adventure transforming your living room into a starship for an interplanetary expedition using mixed reality passthrough. Launching in Q3 2024, “Starship Home” takes advantage of Quest 3’s features for a rich, meaningful, and forward-looking mixed reality experience. Additional Quest 3 exclusive titles may yet be announced, so keep an eye on future updates.

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