Figma disables its AI design feature that appeared to be ripping off Apple's Weather app

Figma’s AI feature, Make Design, is temporarily being disabled following concerns about its replication of Apple’s Weather app design. The issue was initially spotted by Andy Allen, the founder of NotBoring Software, who tested Figma’s tool and observed its repeated reproduction of the Weather app.

Dylan Field, Figma’s CEO, initially denied that the tool was trained on existing apps, but later confirmed that the problem lay in the feature’s underlying design systems. Allen, however, warned other designers to modify the results heavily to avoid potential legal troubles.

The Make Design feature generates UI layouts and components from text prompts, with Figma claiming it could aid developers in exploring design directions. Despite being introduced at Figma’s Config conference, the feature was not trained on Figma content, community files, or app designs, according to Field.

The controversy surrounding Figma’s AI tools has sparked a discussion in the design community about their impact. While some argue that these tools will eliminate jobs by bringing design to the mass market, others contend that they will eliminate repetitive work and lead to more innovative ideas.

Despite the temporary disablement, the QA process for Figma’s AI features seems to have been oversight in the rush to keep up with competitors. Apple has yet to comment on the matter. Figma’s statement is based on Dylan Field’s tweets, announcing that the Make Design feature will be temporarily disabled until the team has ensured they can “stand behind its output.”

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