Forget Apple Watch X

The Apple Watch 10 (or Apple Watch X) is an anticipated smartwatch from Apple with rumors of a significant redesign and the addition of health features like sleep apnea detection. However, the excitement for the upcoming device pales in comparison to that for the Apple Watch Ultra 3. As a user of the Apple Watch Ultra, the benefits and functionalities of the largest and longest-lasting smartwatch are hard to give up.

While there are not many rumored upgrades for the Apple Watch Ultra 3 compared to its predecessor, the watch is expected to be one of the best smartwatches of the year. The Apple Watch Ultra 3, with its rugged titanium design, sapphire glass display, and increased water and dust resistance, is suitable for various sports activities, making it a perfect choice for those motivated to participate in outdoor activities following major sporting events such as the Paris Olympics 2024, marathons, and the tennis U.S. Open.

The primary advantage of the Apple Watch Ultra 3 lies in its battery life. Compared to other Apple Watch models, the Apple Watch Ultra 3 offers significantly extended battery life, with an estimated 36 hours of usage (which can reach up to 72 hours with low-power mode enabled). This extended battery life puts the Apple Watch Ultra 3 above other models in terms of endurance, making it ideal for outdoor activities that often require prolonged usage.

It is also rumored that Apple may use low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) thin-film transistor (TFT) technology for the next Apple Watch display, which could further improve the watch’s battery efficiency.

In addition, the Apple Watch Ultra 3 is anticipated to receive all the new upgrades announced for the Apple Watch 10/Watch X. While the specific features are currently unknown, they are expected to include updates to fitness, communication, and safety. Additionally, it is likely that the Apple Watch Ultra 3 will receive at least one feature the Apple Watch 10 does not have, as was the case with the Dive app and the Siren feature in the Apple Watch Ultra.

In conclusion, the Apple Watch Ultra 3 is expected to stand out as one of the best smartwatches of the year due to its outstanding battery life, rugged design, and suitability for outdoor activities. To learn more about the Apple Watch Ultra 3 and keep up with the latest rumors and possible launches later in the year, check out our guide to the Apple Event 2024.

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