Governor vetoes bill that would prevent municipalities from enforcing vacation rental ordinances

* On June 30, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vetoed a bill (SB 280) that would have limited local government’s power to regulate short-term rental properties, citing it as creating unnecessary bureaucratic red tape.
* The City of Jacksonville Beach, along with several other Florida coastal communities, had strongly opposed this bill as it would restrict local control over their communities’ safety and issues.
* Jacksonville Beach Vice Mayor Sandy Golding expressed the need for local control in addressing community issues, pointing out that state-level actions usually take a longer time to implement.
* A significant concern for the City of Jacksonville Beach is the growing issue of gangs using short-term rental properties to carry out illegal activities, including drugs and gun possession.
* Vice Mayor Golding highlights the recent incidents where three men were arrested on drug possession charges and another instance of two men detained at short-term rentals connected to a gang in the same weekend.
* Though the veto was a victory for Jacksonville Beach, the city still struggles to hold short-term rental owners accountable for problematic rentals. The state’s preemption policy does not allow local officials to suspend troubling rentals until the issues have been addressed.
* Golding hoped for a more active role of local voices in future legislation, particularly with regards to vacation rentals, urging the legislature not to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach in dealing with the matter.
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