Here's what you need to know (and a bit more) for your 4th of July travel plans

The 4th of July holiday break is approaching, and according to AAA Idaho, approximately 400,000 Idaho residents are expected to travel during this week. Those traveling on Monday will have an advantage as they will be getting an early start, while Wednesday afternoon travelers should anticipate heavy traffic due to the high number of people hitting the road.

The cost of gasoline has significantly decreased compared to last year, providing some relief for road trippers. The average gallon of gas is about five cents cheaper nationally, but in Idaho, it’s 38 cents cheaper, which could translate to more food and fun on trips.

Popular destinations include Anaheim for Disney, Seattle, the Oregon Coast, and nearby National Parks like Yellowstone and Grand Teton. To ensure a safe journey, AAA Idaho offers the following tips:

1. Arrive at the airport at least two hours early.
2. Use carry-on bags whenever possible, and pack important documents, medications, and a change of clothing in your carry-on bag if you need to check a bag.
3. Download the airline app for flight updates and gate changes.
4. Drive at times of the day when you’re normally awake and never drive while drowsy or impaired.
5. If you’re heading to a remote area, share your travel plans with loved ones who can act on your behalf if you fail to arrive.
6. Bring plenty of water for people and pets or to top off a radiator.
7. Avoid aggressive driving, including speeding, tailgating, and sudden lane changes.
8. Delegate cell phone use (texting, talking, navigating) to a trusty co-pilot.

Matthew Conde, public and government affairs director at AAA Idaho, discussed what travelers need to know before hitting the road with Morning Edition host George Prentice. This information was provided by Boise State Public Radio and copyrighted in 2024.

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