How to get around DC amid significant road, sidewalk closures for NATO Summit

The 2024 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Summit is set to take place in Washington D.C., marking the first time the city has hosted the event in 25 years. To ensure the security of world leaders and attendees, additional measures have been announced by law enforcement and the Mayor’s office. These measures will affect drivers, pedestrians, and those using public transit.

Road and sidewalk closures will be implemented next week in downtown D.C. areas around the Mellon Auditorium, White House, and Washington Convention Center. Some Metro stations will be temporarily closed, and more than 20 bus routes will be affected. Despite this, officials are encouraging the use of public transit for traveling through downtown D.C. rather than driving.

Roadway closures start on July 8 as anti-scale fencing is installed. The area around the Mellon Auditorium will be closed on July 9, but it should reopen by the end of the day. Areas around the White House complex will have enhanced security and rolling street closures during the afternoon and evening of July 10. The area around the Washington Convention Center, Carnegie Library, and Mount Vernon Square will be closed from July 8-11.

For drivers, getting through checkpoints to destinations within the vehicle screening perimeter will require entering through a designated checkpoint. Ride share vehicles, taxis, or food delivery workers will be able to get through with their vehicles screened. On foot or on a bike, entry to the perimeter will not require using a checkpoint or having any special credentials.

Some areas will be restricted to pedestrians unless they are event staff or attendees and have the proper credentials. Personal vehicles won’t be allowed to enter restricted zones, which includes ride-share, taxi, or food delivery drivers. Trash services and mail delivery will continue in both perimeters during the summit but with shifted schedules.

Officials are encouraging anyone headed to D.C. next week to sign up for real-time alerts by texting NATODC to 888-777. They are also urging people to plan ahead and budget extra time for traveling in restricted zones. It’s recommended to use the access point closest to your destination when navigating the vehicle screening perimeter.

In addition to planned closures, there could be rolling traffic closures in the area near Rhode Island Avenue, 7th Street, O Street, and 10th Street, NW. Those closures would be aimed at addressing traffic congestion. For detailed parking and traffic restrictions, please refer to the District’s website or the news conference updates.

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