I changed 10 settings on my Android smartwatch to drastically improve battery life

Google’s Wear OS has experienced a resurgence in recent years, with popular watches such as the Galaxy Watch, OnePlus Watch 2, and Pixel Watch line. However, one challenge these devices continue to face is battery life, with many requiring daily charging due to power consumption. Here are 10 effective ways to extend the battery life of your Wear OS watch:

1. Turn off the always-on display: The always-on display is a significant contributor to poor battery life on Wear OS watches. While it’s convenient, turning it off when you need extra battery life is advisable.

2. Use a watch face with fewer complications: Watch faces with multiple data-reliant complications can consume more power. Using simpler watch faces with fewer complications can help reduce power consumption.

3. Use automatic screen brightness: Keeping the screen brightness at maximum all the time can drain the battery quickly. Using auto-brightness adjusts the screen brightness based on lighting conditions, conserving battery life.

4. Get rid of power-hungry apps: Apps installed on the watch can consume storage and battery life. Uninstalling apps you don’t use can help conserve battery life.

5. Disable “Hey Google” detection: Keeping the voice assistant constantly listening for the trigger phrase can drain the battery. Disabling this feature can help conserve battery life.

6. Reduce screen timeout time: A longer screen timeout can lead to increased power consumption. Reducing the screen timeout time ensures the screen turns off sooner, conserving battery life.

7. Reduce notifications: Constantly receiving notifications can lead to power consumption. Limiting notifications sent to the watch can help conserve battery life.

8. Turn off location and Wi-Fi when not in use: These features consume power when not in use. Turning them off when not needed can help conserve battery life.

9. Disable tilt-to-wake: This feature can consume power excessively. Turning it off can help conserve battery life, although some users have reported mixed results.

10. Use power-saving mode: This mode turns off certain features in the background, dims the screen, reduces animations, and slows down performance to conserve battery life. It’s particularly useful when you need the watch to last longer or for extended use.

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