‘I do this too’: Man stops at Hiltons during road trips every time. Here’s why

A couple named Ash and Ronnie, also known as @acoupleofcoutus on TikTok, have gone viral for their unique approach to road trips. In a video that gained over 24,000 likes, they express their preference for stopping at Hilton hotels over gas stations. The video shows Ash holding a Hilton coffee cup, with a text overlay explaining that they use the hotel’s facilities and get coffee during their road trips. Ash mentioned in the caption that her husband takes his Diamond status with Hilton very seriously.

To achieve Diamond status, guests need to stay at a Hilton hotel for at least 60 nights in one calendar year, as stated on the Hilton Honors website. By reaching this status, guests are offered benefits such as Executive Lounge access. According to NerdWallet, the Executive Lounge offers complimentary breakfast, drinks and snacks, cocktail hours, free internet access, and a business center.

Several TikTok viewers agreed with the couple’s approach, mentioning it being cleaner and easier to pull up to the front. However, without Diamond status, guests do not have access to the Executive Lounge. Some viewers suggested trying to enter the Executive Lounge confidently, with one viewer confirming that the front desk usually doesn’t object.

The Daily Dot reached out to Ash and Ronnie and Hilton for further comment. It was also noted that most hotels allow the use of public restrooms in the lobby as long as the user is respectful and does not cause disturbances.

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