Interlock Launches ThreatSlayer Web3 Security Extension and Incentivized Crowdsourced Internet Security Community

Interlock, a Swiss-based company, has announced the worldwide general availability of its flagship product ThreatSlayer, a Web3 security browser extension designed to revolutionize internet security. The product, which has been in beta testing for a year, aims to make the internet safer for individuals and global enterprises. ThreatSlayer is compatible with most major browsers and is available as a free download.

ThreatSlayer harnesses the power of blockchain, AI, and a global community of users to protect internet users from dangerous website URLs and scams. It works as part of the browser, blocking malicious sites before damage is done. The product is particularly well-suited to Web3 early adapters and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Interlock’s CEO recently appeared on Entrepreneur’s “Elevator Pitch,” where he garnered interest in a potential investment of $100,000 from Marc Randolph, Netflix co-founder and former CEO, in a broadcast viewed by 600,000 people.

The company’s ThreatSlayer product is born out of a need for more effective internet security despite billions of dollars spent on existing Web2 solutions. Interlock aims to combat persistent phishing and social engineering attacks with Web3 technology and incentivized community threat intel to deliver internet cybersecurity designed for a digital and crypto-focused world.

To power ThreatSlayer’s protection with the best threat intelligence available, Interlock rewards users for sharing anonymized security data. The company’s groundbreaking use of blockchain and AI technology in its platform is revolutionary. In the coming weeks, Interlock will introduce its own utility coin $ILOCK used to pay incentives and enable community members to use the crypto coins to facilitate rewards and security staking.

Interlock’s roadmap includes the introduction of its own utility coin $ILOCK, a Token Generation Event (TGE) and Security Staking. Later this year, the company plans to monetize the shared security data it is gathering in the $11 billion yearly B2B threat intel market, creating a first-of-its-kind crowdsourced threat intelligence platform. The company will also introduce enterprise versions of its products during the coming 12 months.

Interlock’s ecosystem comprises ThreatSlayer, the internet security browser extension for users; Galactus, the data nexus and open-source rewards system; and Octahedron, a proprietary AI-driven threat detection tool. Octahedron, the heart of Interlock’s technology, uses AI to navigate the complexities of cyberspace and continuously update ThreatSlayer to enhance its protection for users. It has been trained with a variety of data, ensuring it has a sharp eye for trouble. Constantly fed with new data from the community, Octahedron continuously evolves into an ever more effective cybersecurity tool.

Interlock’s team includes Rick Deacon, the CEO and co-founder with an extensive background in cybersecurity, Ethan Johnson, who shapes Interlock’s enterprise product strategy, and Ajeet Khurana, who brings a robust background to assist Interlock in its mission to bridge the security gap in Web3.

Interlock has raised $4.1 million in funding through two oversubscribed private sales of $ILOCK led by Outlier Ventures. The company encourages users to download ThreatSlayer now and become a part of the fast-growing Interlock community. To learn more about ThreatSlayer, the Interlock ecosystem, Web3, blockchain, tokenomics and much more, visit the company’s extensive resources library and be sure to check out their communities on Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram and Discord.

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