Is feeling calm making you anxious? Here’s why this happens

Feeling Calm Can Trigger Anxiety: Here’s Why

When we constantly live with chronic anxiety, moments of calmness and peace can also be triggering. This phenomenon occurs due to a few reasons, such as the brain perceiving calmness as uncomfortable or unfamiliar, beliefs that calmness is followed by chaos, or identity crisis when we are at peace. Therapist Carrie Howard explained why calmness and peace can also trigger anxiety in us.

Firstly, when we constantly live in a state of hypervigilance, calmness and peace can make us feel uncomfortable. This feeling may stem from a belief that we have been caught off guard, and something bad might happen. Secondly, past experiences and trauma can lead us to believe that calmness never lasts, and it is usually followed by chaos. This thought can trigger anxiety in us. Thirdly, when we deeply identify with anxiety, we face identity crisis when we are at peace. This feeling can be very unsettling and can further trigger anxiety.

Anxiety is a persistent fear or apprehension about what is about to happen, often characterized by a state of constant worrying. In an effort to combat this, Therapist Anna Papaioannou suggested going for a walk, as walking provides a low-impact, accessible space to move our body and our minds through anxious moments. This simple exercise can help address anxiety effectively.

It’s worth noting that signs of trauma can also manifest in behavioural and lifestyle patterns that may not appear to be obvious signs of trauma. Psychologist Caroline Middelsdorf shared some signs of trauma that seep into our daily life, such as sarcastic behavior, hypervigilance, or struggling with time management.

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In summary, moments of calmness and peace can be triggering for individuals living with chronic anxiety. Therapists recommend going for a walk to address anxious thoughts effectively. At the same time, signs of trauma may not always appear obvious, but they can affect our daily lives. The world of fashion remains vibrant with various style statements being showcased by celebrities.

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