Lake Vacations near Seattle

Lake Chelan, located in Central Washington, is often considered the perfect vacation lake. Its east side location ensures consistent sunshine and offers various activities like boating, Jet Skiing, surfing, and lounging on sandy beaches. The nearby towns are filled with orchards and wineries, making it a picturesque destination.

If greenery is preferred, one might consider the Olympic Peninsula’s Lake Quinault or Lake Crescent. Both have historic inns and are near spectacular hiking trails in Olympic National Park. Lake Crescent offers paddling opportunities, while Lake Quinault caters to forest enthusiasts with giant trees nearby and a hint of beach atmosphere as Pacific beaches and the Tree of Life are just a short distance away.

Lake Cushman, also on the Olympic Peninsula, has a peaceful and isolated vibe. It’s suitable for vacation rentals and a relaxed schedule, with occasional unpredictable weather among the wooded foothills. However, it does provide trails outside the national park that allow pets for hikers.

Lake Tapps in Western Washington is home to a wide range of water sports, making it an ideal destination for family reunions seeking a suburban lake setting. Both Lake Tapps and Lake Whatcom, another nearby lake, have large expensive Airbnbs and serve as water reservoirs for their surrounding communities. Both lakes are suitable for Jet Ski and waterskiing activities.

Riffe Lake in southwestern Washington offers a more peaceful and secluded experience. It has campgrounds, fishing opportunities, and few rental homes and hotels. It’s a perfect spot for fishing enthusiasts with smallmouth bass, coho, Chinook salmon, and trout to be found.

Lake Wenatchee, nestled in the Cascades’ eastern flank, boasts a massive state park with campgrounds, playgrounds, trails, horseback riding, boat rentals, and more. It’s an all-in-one destination for outdoor recreation and has numerous rental homes.

Lastly, Lake Roosevelt in Eastern Washington, despite being technically part of the Columbia River backed up by the Grand Coulee Dam, is called a lake by many and is designated as a National Recreation Area. It’s known for rental houseboats and provides stunning views of Eastern Washington’s landscape and offers opportunities to learn about history with sites like Fort Spokane and Grand Coulee Dam having visitor centers.

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