My 7 favorite Meta Quest 3 game reveals at the UploadVR Summer Showcase 2024

The UplaodVR Summer Showcase 2023 showcased a variety of forthcoming titles for top VR headsets, potentially becoming some of the best VR games. This article highlights seven prominent titles coming to the Meta Quest 3, with some already available in early access.

1. Coaster Mania: A return to last year’s showcase with an updated trailer, Coaster Mania is a rollercoaster design game that allows players to create, ride, and share custom tracks either in their own environment or by facing challenges in the campaign. The Fall launch is scheduled for later this year, with early access available now through App Lab on Quest.

2. Lovesick: An immersive, story-driven VR escape room game, Lovesick puts players in the role of bassist Sam, who must navigate a surreal mindscape to rescue band members and potentially save the band. Though it’s set to launch in 2025, art-enthusiasts and puzzle game aficionados may find its blend of surreal and grounded art styles intriguing.

3. Pencil!: A mixed-reality drawing app designed for beginners, Pencil! offers step-by-step tutorials and assistive tools to help users learn how to draw and refine their skills. With virtual outlines and shading hints projected onto physical canvases, Pencil! is now available on the Quest 3 in App Lab.

4. Hide the Corpse: A hide-and-seek style game where the objective is to find clever places to store bodies in various levels before time expires, Hide the Corpse offers a humorous gameplay experience. The game is already available in early access on the Quest Store, with a full launch scheduled for “Fall 2024.”

5. Cold VR: While not a direct sequel to Superhot, Cold VR shares similarities in its crystalline enemies, time manipulation, and action-oriented gameplay. Time doesn’t pause when standing still like in Superhot, but only unfreezes when players cease moving, adding an extra level of challenge. A demo is currently available on Steam, with the full launch planned for the Quest.

6. Laser Dance: A mixed-reality game that projects a laser maze onto the player’s environment, Laser Dance challenges players to navigate complex patterns of lasers. Though details are scant, the concept has generated interest as a unique and engaging gameplay experience, with a wishlist option now available on the Meta Quest Store.

7. Walkabout Mini Golf: Wallace and Gromit – Expected to release this summer, Walkabout Mini Golf includes a Wallace and Gromit inspired course filled with wild contraptions, promising a fun and challenging gameplay experience for mini-golf enthusiasts.

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