NASA Officially Confirms Mysterious Object Recovered in NC Mountains is SpaceX Debris

NASA has confirmed that a large object found on a trail in a remote area of North Carolina is debris from one of SpaceX’s Dragon capsules. The object, composed of metal and carbon fiber, was discovered by a maintenance worker in late May and was so large that it required the use of a lawnmower to remove it.

The object was initially suspected to be a part of a SpaceX Crew Dragon trunk, based on its similarity to debris found in Saskatchewan, Canada earlier this year. This connection was confirmed by Harvard astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell, who noted that the reentry path aligns with the North Carolina location. McDowell also clarified that the debris recovered in North Carolina was from a different mission than the one associated with the object recovered in Saskatchewan.

Following its discovery, the object received widespread media attention, with Brett Tingley, Managing Editor and reporter at, being among the first to visit the location and photograph the object. Currently, the object is on display at the campground property where it was found, owned by The Glamping Collective.

NASA states that an additional trunk similar to the one linked to the North Carolina debris is currently in orbit attached to the Crew-8 Dragon on the International Space Station. The Crew-8 Dragon is expected to return to Earth later this year.

In the event that suspected space debris is discovered, NASA advises the public not to attempt to retrieve it themselves, but instead to contact the Space Debris Hotline at 1-866-623-0234 or [email protected].

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