Natacha Océane in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares "Mobility Workout"

Natacha Océane is a fitness trainer known for sharing her workout routines on her Instagram account. In December, she shared a mobility workout, emphasizing its importance for maintaining a good range of motion and movement quality.

One of the exercises Océane often does to build muscular endurance and improve pull-ups is to perform a set to failure, then dropset through the progressions backwards, starting with fewer reps and working up. Another technique she uses is to go for one set to failure, then add extra reps one at a time, reducing rest times with practice.

Océane also emphasizes the importance of pistol squats for staying in shape. To improve these, she recommends keeping the non-working leg straight and moving slowly without bouncing. Control is key, she stresses.

When it comes to workouts, Océane encourages tailoring exercises to personal comfort levels. She often shares videos of herself trying out new workouts, emphasizing the importance of taking small steps and practicing safe, happy movement.

Océane also focuses on upper-body workouts, sharing exercises for the shoulders, back, core, arms, and chest. She provides easier alternatives for those starting out, encouraging practice as the path to achieving harder versions.

Finally, Océane also prioritizes mobility workouts, which she believes can help improve movement form and increase range of motion. She shared a full-body mobility routine on Instagram, encouraging a regular practice to unlock better movement.

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