New VR Games July 2024: Quest, Steam, PSVR 2, Pico & More

The month of July 2024 is shaping up to be a busy one for VR gaming, with several highly anticipated titles scheduled for release across various platforms. Here is a summary of some of the most significant upcoming VR games:

1. Archery RED (July 2, PC VR) – A game inspired by Superhot VR, where players take on the role of an archer and engage in a single-player campaign, endless survival mode, and combat against robot enemies with unique characteristics.

2. Spin Rhythm XD (July 9, PC VR, PSVR 2) – Previously released on flatscreen platforms, this game takes inspiration from Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. Players twist a colored wheel to hit matching icons set to over 60 licensed and original tracks.

3. Death Game Hotel (July 11, Quest) – A horror title from Deadly Premonition director SWERY, featuring both single-player and multiplayer modes in a death game setting. The solo campaign places players in the Death Game 2000, where they must survive against quirky foes.

4. The Exit 8 VR (July 11, Quest) – Initially released on flatscreen platforms last year, this walking horror sim by KOTAKE CREATE takes inspiration from Japanese underground passages, liminal spaces, and the backrooms.

5. Infinite Inside (July 12, Apple Vision Pro, PC VR, Pico, PSVR 2, Quest) – A mixed reality puzzle adventure where an artifact known as the ‘Plinth’ materializes in players’ homes, and they must solve 3D geometric puzzles using hand tracking or motion controllers.

6. Sky Climb (July 17, PSVR 2) – A VR platforming game set in a “balloon-themed universe” featuring an adventure that spans 65 levels across seven worlds with various power-ups, solo and multiplayer modes, online leaderboards, and a level creator.

7. StellarPlans (July 17, PC VR) – A VR adventure shooter where players can choose between human or Warcraft creature characters across different worlds, battling human armies, machines, beasts, and aliens to uncover the StellarPlans and Sky City’s secrets.

8. Brazen Blaze (July 18, PC VR, Quest) – A competitive VR action game with destructible environments, offering multiplayer modes like 3v3 Stock Team Match and 1v1 Duel, inspired by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

9. Rogue Ascent (July 18, PC VR) – A roguelike shooter that can be played entirely through hand tracking, where players fight through procedurally-generated levels across a space station to save the planet below from destruction.

10. Swarm 2 (July 18, PC VR) – A roguelike shooter sequel to 2021’s Swarm, where players use a grappling hook and pistol to fend off the Swarm and save Earth across new environments, with online leaderboards.

11. Yeeps: Hide and Seek (July 18, Quest) – A social game reminiscent of Gorilla Tag, featuring arm-swinging locomotion and building mechanics, allowing players to create anything from pillows for building to bombs for destruction.

12. Thrasher (July 25, Apple Vision Pro, Quest) – An arcade action odyssey and visceral audiovisual experience, where players control a space eel and guide it across unusual landscapes, fighting bosses in a race for survival.

13. Walkabout Mini Golf: Wallace and Gromit DLC (July 25, PC VR, Pico, PSVR 2, Quest) – The latest DLC course for Mighty Coconut’s hit multiplayer game features Wallace and Gromit’s 62 West Wallaby Street home and various gadgets.

14. Stabby (July 2024, Quest) – A multiplayer assassination-style game in VR that requires a stab action for everything, including parkour and scaling buildings. Players can compete against up to 6 others in a lobby.

15. Tiny Archers (July 2024, PC VR) – Currently available in early access on Quest App Lab, Tiny Archers pits players against various

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